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For over 40 years Canseal has been a global leader in protective sealants and coatings and are proud to introduce the latest member of our professional line of quality products – Canseal Protective Coatings – the most effective and environmentally friendly rubberized waterproof membrane in the world.

Whatever your waterproofing requirements Canseal Protective Coatings will provide the most advanced waterproofing membrane and the industry’s longest warranty.

  • Roofs
  • Below-grade waterproofing and dampproofing
  • Tank liners
  • Pond lining
  • Bridge decks
  • Secondary containment
  • Erosion control

Whatever the building project

Canseal protective coating is a highly advanced “instant-set” water based waterproofing membrane suitable for all grades of roof and exterior structures.

Canseal’s dual component integration incorporates a modified bitumen emulsion that allows for instant set resulting in quick applications of any thickness, reducing product waste and maximizing work efficiency.

Our elasticized membrane will adapt to the natural movements and settling of all structures as the highly polymerized Canseal stretches and recovers to its original dimensions without a flaw, never tearing or cracking!

Canseal protective coatings provide:

  • The most advanced waterproofing membrane
  • The simplest and safest application method
  • The most cost efficient and environmentally friendly weatherproof sealant in the industry
  • No cracking or tearing
  • Clean and fast application
  • Instant setting
  • The Canseal family of products are non hazardous to our environment or the public.